Laptop & Smartphone Repair Experts 46 West 46th Street New York, NY 10036 ph: 212-779-7568 alt: 646-214-0490

We specialize in a variety of computer damages ranging from LCD replacement, keyboard replacement, DC power jack repair, battery replacement, cooling fan cleaning, hinges replacement, software updates, Operation System Installations, wifi issues, virus removal, RAM upgrade, and even water damage repairs!

LCD Replacement:           $109.95-$299.95

Keyboard:                         $69.95-$149.95

DC Jack:                           $99.95-$149.95

Cooling Fans:                    $79.95-$179.95

Battery:                             $49.95- $139.95

Hinges:                             $59.95- $159.95

MousePad:                        $79.95- $169.95

LCD Cover:                       $59.95- $199.95

USB Port:                          $99.95-$179.95

Motherboard:                     $195.95-$495.95

Battery Charger:                $44.95- $ 95.95


*All prices varies depending on the model of laptop and desktop. PLEASE CALL FOR EXACT PRICE QUOTE.