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Laptop & Smartphone Repair Experts repair all types of iPad’s LCD problems including no backlight, no image, dim or faint LCD and distorted display. Also, if you have a cracked iPad’s LCD or otherwise need a new one, we have hundreds of brand new iPad’s LCD screens in stock to fit your iPad. Laptop Rescue provides original genuine LCD screens. We provide the same Apple brand and P/N as your system required.

Whether your iPad’s LCD screen is missing blocks or lines of information, has scratched surface, defective backlight or no display function at all, Laptop Rescue can restore it to as-new performance.

iPad’s Motherboard Repair

Our electronic engineers are highly skilled in repairing motherboard electronics fault caused by defective electronic components. These components are not easily repaired via conventional methods. Using state of the art test equipment, at Laptop & Smartphone Repair Experts, we have wealth of experience in diagnosing and repairing such faults.