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Our service range covers all types of repairs from the typical cracked and broken front screen replacement, as well as water damaged, microphone and speaker problems, as well as other issues such as software glitches and support for iCloud and additional Apple offerings.

Our hardware repairs include:

  • iPhone is not turning on
    • iPhone LCD screen is very dim/dark
    • iPhone LCD screen is not turning on
    • iPhone LCD screen is cracked
    • iPhone backlight problem/inverter problem
    • iPhone GPU / Graphics card problem / Distorted display
    • iPhone Motherboard malfunction / failure
    • iPhone is overheating
    • iPhone power supply repairs
    • iPhone LED backlight repair
    • iPhone AC / DC power jack repairs
    • iPhone replacement of broken or cracked case ( LCD cover/base cover)
    • iPhone liquid spill repairs (cola, water, coffee, tea, wine)
    • iPhone Internal dust and particles cleaning 
    • iPhone Component level motherboard repairs
    • iPhone Touch Screen Repair