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Accessible location

Our repair center is based in the New York area; it is easily accessible by car or by foot.

Smashed digitizer/Touch Screen not working

The digitizer is the touch screen component of the iPhone screen. If your iPhone receives an impact it tends to be the digitizer that gets smashed and will look like smashed/cracked glass.

Replacing a smashed digitizer on the iPhone restores the touch screen back to it’s original condition. These are repairable with us and you can get an instant online quote now.

Combination of both LCD and digitizer

If the iPhone screen has taken a severe impact both the LCD and digitizer may be damaged. We are able to replace both the LCD and digitizer components at the same time.

Cracked LCD/Blank LCD/White LCD

If the LCD has received an impact it will crack and bleed leaving your iPhone unusable. A replacement iPhone LCD will put the phone back in working order. Get an online quote.